Welcome to Mwana Ministries

Mwana Ministries is a Scottish Charity that seeks to improve the lives of children in Africa by reaching them with the good news of Jesus Christ and providing opportunities for furthering their education. The three arms of the charity includes Mwana Media, Mwana Mission and Mwana Action.

Mwana Media In many African homes it is hard to avoid television, as the TV sits perpetually ‘on’. There has been a rapid migration from analogue to a digital television service and the growth of internet TV stations. However there are very few programmes specifically for children so they are often exposed to TV shows that have a negative influence on their impressionable minds. Mwana Media aims to counteract these influences by producing positive, educational and entertaining TV programmes. Such programmes help to empower children to reach their potential, changing their lives, communities, society and nation for the better.   We strive to produce high quality programmes that will be broadcast on secular channels so that the positive Christian messages can reach those who have not heard about Jesus.

Mwana Mission runs after-school clubs as an evangelistic outreach to the children in the high-density communities. These communities are filled with children who daily face hunger, lack, disease, poor sanitation and the effects of HIV on their families. With volunteers from local churches, the Mwana Mission team do bible stories, memory verses, puppets, singing and games. Children pack the grounds for each mission as they experience the love of God expressed in action. Currently, Mwana Mission is working in three compounds in Lusaka, Zambia. Our vision is to replicate these weekly meetings in many communities, cities and nations.

Mwana Action In many African countries parents are not able to pay school fees and for those children who are orphaned or destitute the situation seems even more hopeless. Mwana Action is committed to helping children known personally to Mwana Ministries to access an education. Mwana Ministries gives ten percent of all donations directly to Mwana Action.