Building Project

Our dream is that one day every child will have the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they may believe in him, call upon his name and be saved. In order to fulfil that dream we need to expand our production to include new children’s programmes, youth programmes, documentaries and short movies, to reach the children and youth across the continent of Africa with positive and educational media.

Currently we rent a 3 bedroomed house that is serving as a home, office and studio for all the work. To expand our media production it is essential that we build a studio, offices, and a home for our operational directors, plus missionary accommodation.

So far we have purchased one acre of land in Foxdale, a suburb of Lusaka. A boundary wall has been build to make the land secure and the next stage is the building project itself.

See attached below the links to the building plans for the proposed studio. Currently we are actively seeking funding from different sources. We would hope to start construction on phase one in February 2017. The following is the breakdown of the building project.

Construction phase:
Phase One – Purpose built studio 15m x 9m x 6m. Equipment rooms. Make up rooms. Viewing gallery. Audio recording suite. Three large offices.
Phase Two – Missions home for Janey and Evans Mukomba, the Operational Directors. £65,000
Phase Three – New editing equipment, studio cameras and lighting equipment.
Phase Four – Missionary accommodation. 3 bedroomed house for visiting teams from UK.

Once phase one and phase two are complete it will allow the work of Mwana Ministries to move into the new studio using the videography equipment that we have. However phase three is necessary to ensure that the new studio will have the necessary camera, lighting and editing equipment to run as a production studio. Our desire is to produce a variety of Christian programmes for children and youth. Phase four will allow visiting missionaries to be accommodated on the property.

Building Plans.  The right ⅔ of the ground and first floor plan show the large studio, taking up 15m x 9m x 6m.   On the ground floor there are the toilets, make up rooms, store room and kitchen which is entered from a separate entrance.  On the first floor there is the balcony to view the studio activities.

Ground & First Floor Plan

On the second floor we have a large foyer area, three large offices, a audio recording studio and toilets.

Second Floor Plan

The side elevation shows the large entrance to the studio from the front.

Side Elevation