Mwana Action

  • Tariro & Tanaka

Mwana Action is committed to helping children in charitable ways.  In many African countries parents are not able to pay school fees and, for those who are orphaned or destitute, the situation seems even more hopeless. Mwana Action is committed to helping such children to access an education.  A percentage of all donations received will go to support orphaned or vulnerable children by providing the necessary funds for school education.

Currently Mwana Ministries is supporting 6 primary school children in Zimbabwe and 4 secondary children in Zambia. These children would otherwise not be able to go to school.

We try to ensure that every child is individually catered for, to ensure they get the best possible education. James Mwansa from Lusaka Zambia, was failing to regularly attend school due to the pressure from his family to help in paying the house rentals. Once we had identified this problem Mwana Ministries was able to support James’s family in order for him to finish his education. Here is a short update of James story.