Mwana Mission


Mwana Mission seeks to bring the good news and discipleship training to children through weekly after-school missions.  Working alongside local churches, the missions aim to reach unchurched children in the “high density” communities where there is widespread suffering due to extreme poverty, unemployment and very poor living conditions.  Bringing the Gospel to such children gives them hope and a future.  Teams of trained children’s workers minister to children through Bible-based teaching,  puppets, singing, dancing,  memory verses and games.  Currently we are running one mission in Chazanga, Lusaka.  Our desire is to replicate this mission into many high density areas, cities and nations.  This will be achieved by recruiting other missionaries or local African children’s workers to take responsibility for the running of the mission.

Mwana Ministries regular runs Sunday School teachers training events.  These trainings have proven hugely popular, as many Sunday School teachers have no training or support.  If your church and/or community desires for Mwana Ministries to hold a training, please contact us and we can give you further instructions.