• To take the message of our Lord Jesus Christ to children by means of high quality
    audio and visual products and services.
  • To foster Biblical standards and Christian values in African communities and
    worldwide through creative media.
  • To promote social responsibilities that will reflect and demonstrate the Christian
  • To empower children and youth with the knowledge and skills they need to avoid HIV
    infection and maintain health.
  • To pull together the collective wisdom of evangelical Christians who are talented
    and gifted in media arts and to collaborate with other Christian groups for the
    advance of the Kingdom of God.
  • To reach out with the message of Jesus Christ into unchurched communities through
    weekly mission.
  • To meet the education, training and further education needs of children,
    especially those who are vulnerable and orphaned children, enabling them to
    reach their full potential, lead better lives and inspire future generations.
  • To support those in full or part-time Christian service.