Mwana Ministries

Mwana Ministries is a Scottish Charity
that seeks to improve the lives of children in Africa by reaching them with the good news of Jesus Christ and providing opportunities to further their education.

Our vision is to reach children in Africa
with the good news of Jesus Christ!

Our Ministries

To achieve this vision, Mwana Ministries was founded, and is led, by Janey Mukomba.  Working with a wonderful team of staff and volunteers, Mwana focuses on three areas of activity:  Mwana Media, Mwana Mission and Mwana Action.

Our Objectives

  1. To take the message of our Lord Jesus Christ to children by means of high quality audio and visual products and services.
  2. To foster Biblical standards and Christian values in African communities and worldwide through creative media.
  3. To promote social responsibilities that will reflect and demonstrate the Christian faith.
  4. To empower children and youth with the knowledge and skills they need to avoid HIV infection and maintain health.
  5. To pull together the collective wisdom of evangelical Christians who are talented and gifted in media arts and to collaborate with other Christian groups for the advance of the Kingdom of God.
  6. To reach out with the message of Jesus Christ into unchurched communities through weekly mission.
  7. To meet the education, training and further education needs of children, especially those who are vulnerable and orphaned children, enabling them to reach their full potential, lead better lives and inspire future generations.
  8. To support those in full or part-time Christian service.

Our story so far...

Janey, a missionary from Scotland is the the founder of Mwana Ministries. It was in 2008 whilst ministering in an orphanage together that the vision was birthed in her hearts. The Lord revealed to Janey that ministering to children could be even more fruitful if it could be put on the TV. Janey at that point lived in Zimbabwe and in 2009, God opened doors for her to work with Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation to produce content for a 10 series children’s programme. This was popular but was limited by the constrains of the broadcasting station.

In 2010 Janey returned to Zambia and together a group of Sunday school teachers they naively decided to make their own programme. Lack of training or proper equipment was not going to stop Janey fulfilling the dream that God had placed in her heart. Using the puppets, scripts, songs and dances that had become popular in the children’s crusades, the first few programmes developed. She was advised by the broadcasting stations that 13 episodes were required for broadcast. Working tirelessly she continued and managed to produce thirteen episodes of 25 minutes each and they called the programme Tommy Time.

On returning to Scotland in November 2010, Janey shared about the work and vision with her supporting churches, pastors and elders. Janey was advised that to continue the work effectively there was a need to register as a charity to ensure the appropriate spiritual accountability and practical and financial support was in place to allow the vision the come into fruition.

With the assistance of six trustees, Mwana Ministries was founded and registered as a Scottish charity in May 2011. In the first two years the charity raised over £40,000. This money allowed Janey to attend a 6 months training course at the School of Video Production run by YWAM in Cape Town. The purchase of essential media equipment and a car has given the Charity a good foundation for progressing in all three aspects of the Ministry. 

The ministry moved to a newly built house on the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia in 2019, built with the support of generous donors and fundraisers.  During the pandemic a new vision from the Lord emerged and led the opening of The Learning Studio at Mwana Park, a small but growing school for pre-school and primary school aged children.  

Looking ahead, there is room on the site of Mwana Park for a new studio in which to develop the Mwana Media ministry.  Janey’s hope is to produce new TV programmes with her team in Zambia, focusing more on animation.  Through the ups and downs of life, Janey remains passionate for reaching the children with the good news of Jesus Christ.  

Our partners

We are incredibly blessed to be supported by many churches and ministries around who beleive in God’s vision for Mwana Ministries.  Some of these are shown below. 
If you would like to partner with us, please get in touch via the button below!