August 2016 – Newsletter

August in Zambia is warm, windy and very dry with lots of dust; we haven’t had rain since 10th April! Amazingly the trees still produce some fruits during this season, and this year we have lots of lovely sweet pawpaws. Pawpaws are quite similar to a melon, so you have to be quick to get them before the birds do! You may remember that we planted trees on our land; orange, apple, avocado, peach, lemon, blueberry and mango. With the help of regular watering they are growing very fast and we look forward to the day we can be eating fruits from our own orchard! The trees are not the only thing that is growing. We now have a wall all the way around our 1 acre, helping to secure the land. I hope the photos show you how beautiful the land is! We have a river at the bottom of the hill, where water flows all year round. Our desire is that when our studio and house are built it will help the work of Mwana Ministries to flow out across Africa, like the river spoken of in Ezekial 47, bringing life to the children of Africa. “so where the river flows everything will live.


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