Mwana Media

Reaching Africa through imaginative media projects,
in particular our popular Tommy Time puppetry programmes!!

Mwana Media

Mwana Media aims to produce television programmes which proclaim the gospel, disciple children to be followers of Jesus and address health and social issues. Empowering children to reach their potential through education will change their lives, community, society and nation for the better. 

Although Mwana is presently a small ministry, the dream is that one day every child will have the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they may believe in Him, call upon His name and be saved. This dream will be fulfilled as we diversify into using different spheres of media including animation, social media, radio and podcasts. 

Mwana Media works with local people in Lusaka, Zambia to produce a children’s puppet programme called Tommy Time.  Tommy Time is currently showing on on TV in Zambia and streaming across the internet.  

It's Tommy Time!!

Tommy Time is a leading part of Mwana Media.  Our vision it to produce high-quality puppet-based tv content that can both reach into homes across Southern and Eastern Africa and bring the message of Jesus: life, hope and redemption!

We have been blessed to train up an amazing team of puppeteers and, since the first series of Tommy Time was completed in March 2012, the show has been aired on national broadcasting stations in Zimbabwe, Zambia and beyond…
Tommy Time brings many positive messages for kids and adults alike, and the response from both adults and children was very positive.  Tommy Time continues to grow from strength to strength, with Series 1 to 4 now available to buy.

Building project

Our dream is that one day every child will have the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they may believe in him, call upon his name and be saved. In order to fulfil that dream we need to expand our production to include new children’s programmes, youth programmes, documentaries and short movies, to reach the children and youth across the continent of Africa with positive and educational media.

To expand our media production it is essential that we build a studio, offices, and missionary accommodation.

So far we have purchased one acre of land in Foxdale, a suburb of Lusaka. A house has been built for Janey and her family.  In September 2023 we will start building our filming studio to help expand the work and follow the call of God to use media to preach the good news of Jesus Christ across Africa. 

Please consider giving to the building project...!