Mwana Mission

We bring the good news of Jesus,
to those who have not yet heard!

Mwana Mission

Mwana Mission seeks to bring the good news and discipleship training to children through weekly after-school missions.  Working alongside local churches, the missions aim to reach unchurched children in the “high density” communities where there is widespread suffering due to extreme poverty, unemployment and very poor living conditions.  Bringing the Gospel to such children gives them hope and a future.  Teams of trained children’s workers minister to children through Bible-based teaching,  puppets, singing, dancing,  memory verses and games.

Currently we are running Mwana Mission in 16 location reaching at least 2,500 children each week.  In many of the locations we are working hand in hand with school.  Our desire is to replicate the mission into many communities, cities and nations.  This will be achieved by recruiting other missionaries or local African children’s workers to take responsibility for the running of the mission.

Sunday School Training

Mwana Ministries regular runs Sunday School teachers training events.  These trainings have proven hugely popular, as many Sunday School teachers have no training or support.  If your church and/or community desires for Mwana Ministries to hold a training, please contact us and we can give you further instructions.

Here’s our reports from a Harare Teacher Training Conference in Zimbabwe…

Resources - God's Talk Time

God’s Talk Time is a resource that has been written for use in Sunday Schools, for children aged 5-12 years. Used alongside Tommy Time, the popular children’s TV programme, (two DVD’s included) this unique multimedia resource contains structured lesson plans for the teacher and photocopiable worksheets for each child to complete.

Tommy Time brings many positive messages for kids and adults alike, and the response from both adults and children was very positive.  Tommy Time continues to grow from strength to strength, with Series 1 to 4 now available to buy.

God’s Talk Time includes the 13 themes covered in the series of Tommy Time and multiplies it into 26 exciting and interactive lessons that any Sunday School teacher can easily teach. Both the video content and the lessons are especially written to be relevant to situations children are facing in Africa. The additional worksheets that follow each lesson are divided into younger and older children. The older children need to be competent in writing and reading English to complete the worksheets.

Children learn in many different ways: some are good at listening for information, some learn more from seeing and watching, while others benefit from hands-on activities based learning. God’s Talk Time uses a number of different teaching styles to add variety to the learning experience.  The book is a teacher and child-friendly resource, which we trust will involve relevant and meaningful activity, encourage a love of learning, and develop discipline and responsibility in its learners.

God’s Talk Time is available in the Christian bookshops in Zambia and Zimbabwe.  If you would like to purchase a copy, please contact us!