Prayer Points – May 2019

These are our prayer points..    

Mwana Media.  
We are waiting on Zambia National Broadcasting (ZNBC) to produce the contract for Tommy Time 4 (TT4), pray that all administrative details will smoothly fall into place.  Pray also for Zimbabwe TV to broadcast TT4.
Script writing and song writing continues on Tommy Time 5.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead all the pre-production work.
Mwana Mission
As we start the month of May the rains have stopped and we are relaunching Mwana Mission for 2019. Please pray with us for a fruitful new season with more children giving their lives to Jesus Christ, growing as His disciples and reaching out to their families and communities.   Our team of volunteers serve faithfully each week, pray that God will bless them as they serve in His kingdom and enable them to continue serving despite their personal challenges.   Pray also for new volunteers.  
Mwana Action
All the children are currently on break between the 1st and 2nd school terms.  Mercy Kabunda and Kenneth Mwanga prepare for exams in June.   
Mwana Building
Construction on the Mukomba House is due to start immediately on the submission of the architectural drawings.  Pray that our architect will complete all the work without any further delay.  Pray for excellent workmanship on all aspects of building the house.  Please pray for the remaining finance required to complete the house, so that the house will be ready in September for the Mukomba’s to move in. 
Team Visit
Two teams are preparing to come from Scotland to Zambia to assist in the work of filming Tommy Time 5.  The teams will be under the leadership of Ali and Colleen Michie, one team for 2-3weeks in September and one team for 2weeks in October.   Pray for all the preparations, fund raising and for God to work in all the lives of those involved, for His glory

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