August 2016 – Newsletter

August in Zambia is warm, windy and very dry with lots of dust; we haven’t had rain since 10th April! Amazingly the trees still produce some fruits during this season, and this year we have lots of lovely sweet pawpaws. Pawpaws are quite similar to a melon, so you have to be quick to get …

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May 2016 – God’s Talk Time

Ever since I came to Africa in 2003 I have been training sunday school teachers. Interestingly enough I met Evans in my first year in Africa, when I trained him as a sunday school teacher! Little did I know then! Most sunday schools have no materials, no classroom and very little support from the church. …

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December 2015 – Scotland

Evans and I are back in Scotland at present. It’s great to spend time with family and friends and to visit some of our supporters, without which we can not do the work of Mwana Ministries. As we look back on the year we truly have so much to thank God for. In September we …

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July 2015

I sit to write my newsletter on a dark African winter evening. Every third evening is dark like this, as we now follow a timetable of no power for 6hours everyday, they call it load shedding. It brings silence and darkness to the whole area. The silence accentuates the crickets chirping, the dogs barking and …

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Jesus the Resurrection and the Life. This is the message and the hope that we preach to the children. Mwana Ministries seeks to reach across Africa with this message of hope. One of our main projects; our children’s TV programme ‘Tommy Time’ is currently only in English. English is very widely spoken in many African …

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We are coming to the end of another year. I can hardly believe it, time certainly flies when you are having fun! Working with children in the diverse ways that we do is endless fun but there is also the need for patience, hard work, and a creative mind! We thank God that the Holy …

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